Why "Die Wegwerkstatt" ?

(Weg=path/way/route - Werkstatt=workshop)

because ways can be developed and built, ways develop if you start moving.


... because YOU choose the support you need.

... because YOU are the expert for your life.

... because YOU know your own resources.


... because YOU decide about your next step.

... because YOU know who guides you best.

... because YOU are the creator of your own way and set the markers.

That is why .... "Die Wegwerkstatt"!

Who am I?

"I draw pictures with words and activate senses. I support people along their path, with empathy, professionalism and humanity."".

My Way

I was raised in Brehme, a small town in the Eichsfeld region. Today I live in Duderstadt, which is also in the Eichsfeld region. Along the way  I have worked in and visited many, many countries across the globe, and consider myself lucky to have had many meaningful  experiences with people from all over. 

I started my career in 1998 as an assistant in the quality department of a world-leader in the medical products field. My first profession as an industrial trader I upskilled with a degree in technical business administration in a few years later.  In 2002 , I was  promoted to lead a small Team in the After-Sales Service. Since then, I have worked in this field for more than 20 years in different leadership positions, with a focus on  developing international teams, empowering people, and leading global service units.

During this time, I underwent thorough professional trainings in the fields of leadership, personal development, and management, strengthening my personal and professional leadership and process management skills. 

My chosen path along with the people I met along the way have fostered my strong interest in fellow man and woman, their unique differences, and the development of their potential. Born from this interest I enrolled in additional education and gained the diploma of a consultant in 2017.  This qualification licenses me to provide psychological therapy services to the public. Additional trainings and qualifications in such specialities as mental coaching and systemic therapy have followed since.

After accompanying so many people in so many different stages of their own path in life, I was looking for even more individual support services I can offer to others. In 2022 I attended additional, professional training and obtained another certification - this one as speaker for open ceremonies (such as funerals, weddings, and other special occasions). I am excited to be able to lead others through their personal ceremonies and facilitate on important “way marker days”.

My Education

Certified Psychological Counselor VFP
 Alternative Practitioner (CAM) - only Psychotherapy

Speaker for Open Ceremony  (IHK Certificate)

Further Qualification:

  • Systemic Counseling & Therapy 
  • Communication Training
  • Mental Coaching
  • EMDR - Resource Training and Therapy
  • Hospice and Grief Counseling

Other Competencies and Experience

  • Leadership and Team Development
  • International Trainings
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Operative and Strategic Planning
  • Complaint-Management
  • Internal Auditing
  • German: First Language
  • Englisch: Fluent / Professional (B2.2. CEFR)

Das Logo

The logo is inspired by the work „Eintreten” (=”Joining”) by the artist Josef Zinsberger from his „Lebenskreuz” (=”cross of life”) series.

To me the many colours and their dynamic presence symbolise the infinite ways and possibilities in our own circle of life. We are always invited to enter into open dialouge with ourselves as well as with others to make things happen, to center ourselves and to make our life worth living.

The artist describes his work as follows:

(Zyklus - Lebenskreuz)

Being open is the basis for a dialouge. Often, we are excited by something and this excitement starts moving something inside. We get into a dialouge with somebody. Or we even stand up for somebody.

Josef Zinsberger I www.fine-art31.at