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and public speaking

    Open Ceremonies
    and public speaking

    Your personal, public speaker for...

    Funerals, anniversaries, weddings and children's welcome parties

    Open Ceremonies and Public speaking

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    Coaching and

    Are you going the way you've always wanted to go?

How would it be if you start moving, tomorrow? 

I am convinced that everybody has enough resources to build a more meaningful life for, themselves. All of us contain much that remains to be uncovered. We all have personal resources for change and development and can meaningfully increase our quality of life and vitality. 

I am also convinced that, nobody else can find the right way for us to fo this, the only one who can create this path and walk it is yourself. I can walk with you for a while, and guide and support you, and help in dealing with obstacles you will find along your path.


Assistance and support for your personal development
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Cope with critical situations in life, manage and overcome problems and conflicts
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Prepare organisations for the furture, organisational development, re-structuring and processes improvement
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Targeted professional therapy of psychological disorders or psychologically (psychosomatic) conditioned physical disorders
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Counseling, Coaching and Therapy
30-Minutes - Initial Consultation

We will get to know each other and clarify relevant questions about what has brought you here, as well as about my coaching- and therapy-approach.

We will begin to develop meaningful approaches for you to leave with and start applying straight away. All of this will allow you to assess if my approach works for you - so call to make your appointment for an initial consultation today.

Initial 30min Consultation
55,- € — 0,00 €

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